Tensions in Russia Today 

By Geroge Steiner, President of Orphan’s Tree

The U.S. and Russia are experiencing the most difficult relationships between our countries in almost 30 years. I’m continually asked how this tension is impacting the ministry of Orphan’s Tree or what I think about the Ukraine/Russia situation

Of course the topic is broad and complex—so I hope you understand my relative silence. Over the past several years I have observed, and Orphan’s Tree has experienced, increased restrictions in our outreach. Like almost every non-governmental agency that receives funding from the West, one of our Russian NGOs (Non-Government Organization) was investigated. We were found to be in accordance with Russian law, which we anticipated, and we have been allowed to continue our work.

Orphan’s Tree is not a political organization either in the U.S. or in Russia. Therefore, our trust and dependence is not in political forces or governments. Our trust is, and will continue to be, in the Lord. 

We are committed to helping orphans, and we will continue to do so—regardless of the circumstances.

Commitment means staying in a relationship whether times are good or bad. And we will continue serving Russian orphans until we are told we cannot.

 We anticipate that we will have continued open doors even during this time of heightened tensions between our countries. Your continued prayers for our work is greatly appreciated.


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