Why Russia? Why Now?

Why Russia? Why Now?  by John Smith

It’s all over the news. There is more tension between the United States and Russia than there has been since the end of the cold war. Some suggest the situation feels like the beginning of a renewed cold war. It has already resulted in more frosty relationships between our countries.

So why am I going back to Russia with Orphan’s Tree Ministry? 
And why is Orphan’s Tree continuing to send mission teams to do ministry in Russia?

Here’s why:

1. Jesus said to “Go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19) 
That’s all nations. No exceptions.

2. The fact is that its not always possible to go into all nations. Some nations are open to receiving Americans to share the Gospel, and some are not. Russia is still open to us, as we hope it will remain. As long as the door is open, and unless the Spirit of God directs us otherwise, we will go.

3. Church history has shown the wisdom of pouring maximum resources into nations that may close in the future. 
An example is China. In 1948 China closed when the forces of Mao Tse-tung drove out the forces of Chiang Kai-shek. China become “officially atheist,” and missionaries could no longer enter the country. But today there are (by number) more Christians in China than in the USA, and the Church in “atheist” China continues to grow faster than the Church in America! How can this be? Because in the 1930’s the Church poured missionary resources into China, so when China shut out Western missionaries in 1948, they shut in a vital Chinese Church that had been established by the work of those Missionaries. That church has continued to grow. The lesson: sow the seeds of the Gospel while a country is open, and those seeds will continue to bear fruit even if the country closes. 

4. Our Russian friends who work with our ministry are excited and willing to keep working with us. As American and Russian Christians we share a passion for ministry to older orphans. Jesus is Lord over every nation, including Russia and America, so together we follow the call of Christ to care for those who need to know God’s love and truth.

So we’re going to Russia! We will continue to go as long as the door to ministry is open… or until our Lord returns!
We ask for your prayers as we go, and invite you to join us, that our ministry bears fruit for Christ’s Kingdom!


© John Smith 2020