Aug 17 - Still Happy Together!

I read an article with the suggestion of listing the reasons why you are in a happy and positive marriage. Here are 7 of the reasons after 43 plus years together...


1. We put our spouse’s needs ahead of our own needs.
The application of Philippians 2:4 is the basis of our marriage relationship - Let each of you look not to your own interests, but to the interests of the other. 

2. We’ve made our physical appearance a priority.
Neither one of us would admit to being “10s” by any stretch of the imagination, but we want to look good for each other. We work at it. We realize the importance of both the spiritual and the physical aspects of our relationship.

3. We prioritize our marriage over other commitments. 
We say no to overcommitment, but yes to commitments we can do together. 
We have our individual friends and enjoyments, but prioritize mutual relationships and activities. 

4. We serve others together. 
We consider our marriage to be a gift to us from God, and strive to make our relationship a gift to others by finding ways to serve others together, both by making our home a place of peace and welcome, and by finding ministries we can do together as a team. 

5. We prioritize our marriage over other relationships. 
We have children and grandchildren we deeply love, and friends we deeply value. Making our marriage our priority makes us better able to be positive and productive in those relationships.

6. We have clear boundaries in our relationships with the opposite sex
This protects both of us from the temptations we all face. These protections help us avoid mistakes that would reduce the freedoms we have in our marriage. 

7. We’re committed to a covenant where divorce is not an option. 
We prioritize our faith, because that creates order for the rest of our lives including our marriage. Since we both agreed to fulfill this covenant ‘til death do us part, we have confidence that, even when marriage is difficult, we will persevere.

Thanks to Tony Morgan who suggested this idea on his blog.