Day 17 - Philippians 3:12

 I press on to make (Christ) my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own.  ~Philippians 3:12b 


Philippians 3:12 speaks to the depths of me, because my life,
like Paul's, has become intertwined with the life of Jesus 

I also have been taken hold of by Christ Jesus.
~Phil 3:12b  

Do you have the sense that your life has been taken hold of by
Christ Jesus? What a life-changing, life-charging thing that is!

This is not just religious activity tacked on to an already too busy life. This is the motivation and energy of our existence! Our relationship with Christ is a reality that dominates our life - that determines how we behave, what we value, and who we are becoming. 

Our relationship to Christ should have a grip on our lives like nothing else!

My friend Sherwood Barnette wrote this: "An eighteenth century shoemaker was once asked what he did for a living.  
He responded,
"I serve the Lord Jesus Christ, and cobble shoes to pay the expenses."  
That simple shoemaker understood

I am thankful that I have the sense that I have taken hold of Christ and Christ has taken hold of me… and neither of us is letting go!
What a ride!


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