Day 21 - Phillippians 4:1

Stand Firm

 Therefore, my brothers and sisters, stand firm in the Lord…         
                                                                                         ~Philippians 4:1

No matter how long we’ve been in the Lord, no matter how deep or how high our spiritual experience, we need to be reminded to stand firm in the Lord! We must always be focused on keeping our relationship with the Lord solid and strong, for the distractions are many!

That’s why the writer of Hebrews says 
we must pay greater attention to (the Gospel message) we have heard, so that we do not drift away from it. ~Hebrew 2:1. If we don’t pay attention to our life - the thoughts and motives and goals that are driving us - we are in danger of drifting away from the truth in which we once lived.

Standing firm in the Lord is also good advice when we are in a diffictult situation where we have prayed and committed it to the Lord and done all the right things, and nothing is improving. Paul says, After you have done everything, stand firm. ~Eph 6:13

First, do everything you can, then stand firm and wait for God to move and confirm your faith and faithfulness. 

So, are you standing firm today?
●Are your thoughts and motives and goals consistent with the
  Gospel of Christ which you claim to believe?
●If you are in a hard situation that isn’t changing, have you done  
  everything you know to do, and are now standing firm waiting for God
  to honor your faith?

My brothers and sisters, stand firm in the Lord!


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