Day 22 - Philippians 4:2 

I urge Euodia and I urge Syntyche to agree in the Lord. ~Phil 4:2.  

I love this sculpture, titled “ Reconciliation.”
To mark the 50th anniversary of the end of World War ii, bronze casts of this sculpture were placed in the ruins of Coventry Cathedral in England, Hiroshima Peace Park in Japan, and outside the German Reichstag Parliament Building. One 
sculpture in three countries torn apart by war in the past, but now reconciled. 

UK Coventry Statue-of-Reconcilliation

Its been said that the Church is like Noah’s Ark… you wouldn’t put up with the stink on the inside if it wasn’t for the storm on the outside. There is some truth in that.

The Church is a fellowship of people on the way to perfection, with a long way to go. Because of that, no church is without issues, not even Paul’s favorite church at Philippi! Here too there were interpersonal issues, leading Paul to write I urge Euodia and I urge Syntyche to agree in the Lord. ~Phil 4:2. 

Paul says that these two spiritual sisters
have contended for the gospel at my side. Each of them was deeply committed to Christ, yet somehow they had become alienated from each other. So Paul writes to a church leader, I also ask you, true partner, to help these women... ~4:3.

Sometimes it falls to us to help work out the relationships between believers in the body of Christ. This is a high and necessary calling. 
God reconciled us to himself through Christ, and gave us the ministry of reconciliation  ~ 2 Corinthians 5:18 

This is what Jesus was referring to when He said, 
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. ~Matthew 5:9


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