July 25 - Prayer Life of Jesus 2


 If Jesus hadn't taken time to get alone with his Heavenly Father in prayer, he would have been overwhelmed by the desperate needs of others, as this clip from Jesus Christ Superstar reveals.

In fact, Jesus was not overwhelmed by the desperate needs of others because He was continually being renewed and refueled spiritually 
by time alone with the Father in prayer. 

But now more than ever the word about Jesus spread abroad; many crowds would gather to hear him and to be cured of their diseases. But he would withdraw to deserted places and pray.  ~Luke 5:15-16

The more Jesus got involved in ministry to others, the more He needed to pray. Luke says that yy this time in His ministry Jesus needed to pray now more than ever. Why?

  • Because He was successful! The word was getting out about Him, and people were coming in droves!
  • Because He was doing more teaching, speaking more often to larger and larger crowds.
  • Because He was doing really heavy stuff! We’re talking major miracles here... people cured of their diseases! 

In other words, Jesus was busier than ever... a good motivation to cut down on prayer time. Yet He did the opposite. The verb tense in Greek for He would withdraw (and pray) doesn’t mean He did this once in a while. It means a frequently repeated activity. It could be translated "He would often withdraw...and pray." 

But maybe the reason for my lack of prayer has nothing to do with my schedule. It struck me in reading this passage that it may have been Jesus’ heavy involvement in the needs of others (teaching and ministering to them) that motivated His regular and frequent retreats to pray. Jesus was willing to be involved in the needs of others, involved in their deepest questions and hurts, and He knew
that would overwhelm Him if He didn’t regularly refuel His relationship to the Father (the source of truth and power) through prayer.

Maybe our lack of prayer is because we’re not giving ourselves enough in ministry. If I’m just living for myself and a few others (family and close friends), I may not feel the need for extended and intense times of prayer.

Maybe the reason for my little praying isn’t my schedule, but my ministry smallness. 

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