June 6 - Preachers!

I gotta love a movie where Clint Eastwood is a Preacher! That movie is Pale Rider.

This is my favorite scene. The "bad guy," named LaHood, is trying to drive pan handlers off their land so he can buy it, because he knows there is gold there. And things are going well, until a Preacher comes to town.

If you want to bully or manipulate people, then Preachers are your worst nightmare, because they give people faith… and you can't bully or manipulate a person who has faith!

Here is the script from this video:

Josh: Seems a stranger sorta came through and pulled them together. Ain’t that the way you see it, Magill?
Magill: Yea. That’s what he done. He kinda pulled them together.

LaHood: Just one stranger did that? I expect you boys didn’t explain to him just who we are! I expect that once you explain things to him he’ll decide to move on!
Josh: Yea. There aren’t much for a preacher to do around here anyway, right?

LaHood: A preacher! You let a preacher into Carbon Canyon?
Josh: We didn’t invite him! He took up with Hall. What’s wrong with a preacher anyway?

LaHood: When I left for Sacramento those tin pans had all but given up. Their spirit was nearly broken. And a man without spirit is whipped. But a preacher? He could give ‘em faith!
One ounce of faith and they’ll be dug in deeper than ticks on a hound!
       You boys... you go throw a rope around that man! You bring him to me!