Mar 18 - Good Leaders - 2

Ten Ways Ordinary People Became Good Leaders 
Part 2 
by Thom Rainer


The earlier blog looked at the first five characteristics, and this blog post looks at the final five.

6. They have genuine humility. 
These leaders have learned humility the hard way. Growing up, they were well behind their peers academically. Most did not excel at sports or other extracurricular activities. They didn’t have to work at humility; it was thrust upon them.

7. They seek mentors. 
Their desire to improve, along with their humility, led them to seek mentors. These leaders were unashamed to admit they needed help from an outside perspective, or advice from someone who might be smarter.

8. They avoid ruts. 
These leaders would be the first to volunteer for an assignment in a new area. They intentionally avoided getting too comfortable in one area. As they broadened their horizons, they became more effective leaders.

9. They have a sense of humor.
These leaders always take their work seriously, but they don’t take themselves too seriously. Their humor helps them to avoid stressing out when everything does not go their way. They therefore create enjoyable and creative environments for those working with them.

10. They are goal setters.
To the person, you could ask them what their goals have been in life, and what they are now, and receive a quick, clear answer. They would readily admit they didn’t always achieve their goals - but that was not deemed as failure. The common leaders simply reset their lives with a new set of goals.

There are countless men and women who are wonderful leaders. Among them are a large number who are not the smartest, not the most educated, not the most articulate, and not the most charismatic. That reality should give many of us great hope. We may not see ourselves as "exceptional people," but we can still be good leaders for God and His Kingdom!