Mar 18 - Good Leaders 1

Ten Ways Ordinary People Became Good Leaders 
Part 1
by Thom Rainer

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Tom Rainer recently compiled a list of ten characteristics of ordinary people who are recognized as good, or even great, leaders. They aren't people of unusual ability or education. They are everyday people who share ten traits that have made them good leaders. Here are the first five. Click on the link at the the bottom of the page for the final five. 

How do many common people become good or great leaders? 
Here are the first five characteristics from my experience.

1. They determined that their integrity would be uncompromised. 
They did not cut corners or cheat. They saw their integrity and reputation to be priceless gifts that could not be forfeited.

2. They worked hard. 
Often when others around them played or wasted time, these leaders continued to work. While they took care of themselves and their families, they paid the price of doing important things right.

3. They took responsibility for themselves
You will never hear these leaders blaming their employers, their peers, or those under them.They just never blame others or circumstances. 

4. They were decisive. 
They learned that slow decision-making was poor leadership. They knew that analysis paralysis could kill an effort. They moved forward just as soon as they had sufficient information, not complete information.

5. They read a lot. 
While others spent dozens of hours each week watching meaningless television, these good leaders were reading books, articles, and anything they could that made them a better person and a better leader. 

Keep in mind that I am looking at common men and women who became good, and even great, leaders. I am not talking about the smartest, the best educated, or the most articulate. These are common men and women who are now extraordinary leaders.

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