Russia 2016 Videos

Below of some of the short videos I shot on my iPhone during our May trip to Russia. Choose and enjoy!

1. On our flight to Russia via Paris I discovered Air France has something I’ve always wanted - a front camera which shows what the pilot sees on the screen on the seatback in front of you! So you can watch take off and landing. (After you take off the camera tilts down to show the ground below you!) Here is our landing at Paris. 

2. VLADIMIR is one of ths most historic, and most beautiful, cities in Russia. Its located about 120 miles east of Moscow. This is a short vista looking at the countryside from the back of the Dormition Cathedral (built 1158 AD) The young woman at the end is Alya, who Pat and I have sponsored since she was 10. She is now 23, and will be married in July. 

3. Russians really know how to celebrate EASTER! The week after Easter (when we were there) is called Bright Week, and there is a worship service every morning. During the service the congregation marches around the church proclaiming Christ is Risen to the world. Here is the Bright Thursday morning service at the Knyaginin Monastary Church in Vladimir. (Pardon the wind noise at the beginning.) Thanks to friend Natasha Makashina for taking us to this service!

4. SUSDAL is a town like our Williamsburg in Virginia a town that still lives in the 18th century. There we met up with Meesha, who had been raised in the Luhtonova Orphanage. He now has a job he loves caring for horses and taking tourists for horseback rides through Suzdal. He arranged for a carriage ride for us. Come along for the ride!

5.  SUZDAL has more than 30 beautful Cathedrals, some dating back to the 11th century.
     Here is a vista showing some of those churches along the Kamenka River.

6. Suzdal is known for its BELLS. Over years we got to know and love Yuri Yurovich, who was the bell ringer. He was nearly deaf by the time he died after decades of bell ringing. Yuri is gone, but the man in the tower is still ringing the bells. 

7. We conducted a LEADERSHIP RETREAT at for our Orphanage Graduates at our Kostoma Dacha. As part of that seminar the grads did a Trust Walk. No graduates were injured during this exerciseat least not seriously injured :-).

8. Russians are good at chessand at SOCCER! In between sessions at the Retreat a soccer game would break out..

9. Back to Russians and EASTER. Here orphanage gradaute Natasha tells us why Russian dye Easter Eggs red. 
    The translation is from Yana, who is part of our staff at the Kostroma Ministry Center.

I hope you enjoyed these videos. They were produced on the fly using the QUIK app on my iPhone.