Thailand Trip 2015

Cool Shade 2

I was in Thailand from March 4-13 with three other men… two from King Street Church (Pastor Kyle Bushra and John Hetrick) and Pastor Chris Little from Mt. Pleasant UB Church. Our primary purpose was to develop a partnership beween our churches and Cool Shade of Life Church in Chiang Mai, a store-front Thai led church.
By the way, isn’t COOL SHADE OF LIFE a great name for a church in a tropical climate?

Three Pastors

This picture is from our trip last year. On the left is Pastor Chris Little, who returned on this trip.
We are with Pastor Ogaat, who leads the Cool Shade of Life Church. His passion is to train Thai Christians to plant churches in the unreached areas of northeast Thailand. 

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Our missionaries in Chiang Mai, Bryan and Emily Gerlach. They have been there a year learning the language and the Thai culture, and now hope to be working in partnership with Cool Shade of Life Church. 

Making Friends

One of the friends I made in Thailand.


Thailand is 96% Buddhist.
Over 140 years of Christian missionary work have resulted in less than 1% of the population knowing Christ.
But we believe God is at work in exciting ways there today, and we are excited to be a part of what God is doing!

IMG 7827

Above is the weather forecast for the week we were in Chiang Mai. 
As I was there, Pat was shoveling the snow off our driveway in Chambersburg. (Sorry Babe). 
A little bit more of winter was waiting for me when I returned.