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Three parts to each meeting:  
ASAP (Accountability, Scripture, and Prayer)


❏ God-Sighting: 
What person or experience in    
the last week do you want to thank God for?

❏ Testimony:
Where were you obedient to a leading of the Holy Spirit this past week?
When did you fail to reflect your Lord this week?

 ❏ Commitment: 
How did you do in fulfilling your commitment from last week’s meeting? 


Read each day.
Beginning about the week of October 9

Make sure your group members are all reading the same passage in preparation for
your next CORE group. 

Click on the passage to go to it. 


❏ Week 1 (10/9) - SCA Theme Verse
         1 Corinthians 16:13-14
         (Can you memorize it?)

❏ Week 2 (10/16) - Lord, Let Me See!

          Isaiah 43:18-19

❏ Week 3 (10/23) - Stand Firm!

          Ephesians 6:10-18

❏ Week 4 (10/30) - Be Courageous!

          Deuteronomy 31:6-8

❏ Week 5 (11/6) - Be Strong!

          Isaiah 40:28-31

❏ Week 6 (11/13) - Love Never Fails!
          1 Corinthians 13:1-10


❏ How faithful were you in daily
   Scripture reading?

❏ What stood out to you in this passage?


How faithful were you to a daily time of prayer for your CORE group members and needs at Shalom Christian Academy?

❏ Pray for each other, related to the things  
    shared in the Check-in time.

❏ Focus on one person or situation in the life
    of SCA to pray for together.

Closing Commitment

❏ In what specific way do you want to do
    better in living for Christ next week?


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Where two or three are gathered in my name
I am there with them.

~Jesus, in Matthew 18:20~


Open to the Holy Spirit and each other
Reaching out through prayer and care
Encouraging each other