July 2022 Update from our Russian Staff

For those who haven’t traveled with us (yet!),
here’s the timeline of the video and the speakers information:

00:04 – 00:32 – opening words by Yana Arkhipova, Together Fund Director, the registered non-governmental agency of Orphan’s Tree in Russia

00:33 - 01:45 – Masha Fokina brings greetings from the Kostroma team and shares about their volunteer project. Masha coordinates Peer-to-Peer program at the Kostroma Ministry Center. 

01:45 – 02:58 – The Kirov team share about their project. Olga Drachenkova, our Kirov case worker, also coordinates Peer-to-Peer program at the Kirov Ministry Center.

02:59 – 04:28 – Tatiana Kiselyova and the Ivanovo Team present their project. 

04:29 – 05:47 – and now you meet the team from Vladimir and their Peer-to-Peer coordinator Natasha Makashina and hear about their project. 

05:48 – 06:40 – a final word from our Ivanovo staff who hosted the meetings.
From left to right:
    Marina Nochevnaya (Ivanovo manager),
    Natalia Monakhova (case worker),
    Tatiana Kiselyova (social worker & Peer-to-Peer coordinator),
    Irina Skorykh (counselor),
    Marina Petrova (sewing instructor),
    Yury Bolshakov (woodshop instructor).