Rublev's Trinity

Rublev’s Trinity: Not Exactly a Christmas Book,
but a Good Book for Christmas

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While not exactly a Christmas book, part of the truth revealed in Rublev's Trinity is that our God has existed from eternity as three Persons - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - and that the Father’s plan, revealed to us by the Holy Spirit through the Scriptures, was for the Son to become our Lord and Savior through His coming to earth as a human baby at Christmas.

An excellent Christmas read for you, or an excellent Christmas gift for you to give, Rublev’s Trinity helps us see the Big Picture of God’s plan of salvation for us.

You can read a sample from the book below, from Chapter 4, explaining why the baby Jesus, though He was the light of the world,  didn’t glow in the dark :-).

Available in both soft cover ($14.49) and eBook ($6.99) on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books.

However,  If you order the soft cover edition directly from my web site,
I give free shipping and if desired I’ll sign the book. I will also include a 4x6” copy of the painting to use as a bookmark and guide as you read. If you are sending it as a gift to someone else, I can include a Christmas Greeting from you… see the sidebar 

I am passionate about the message of Rublev’s Trinity and and praying that God will use it to bless many…including you!

Pastor John

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Sample page from Rublev’s Trinity


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Rublev’s Trinity Painting

You will receive a 4x6” bookmark of this painting 
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