Book your ticket on Aeroflot (Click on Aeroflot)

Book your ticket on Expedia (Click on Expedia)


I recommend booking through Aeroflot as you’ll have to go to that site anyhow to complete your booking and seat selection.The only reason to go Expedia is (1) You can book now and lock in the rate if you don’t have your passport yet, and (2) It will take your credit card. See below about Credit Cards.


Sometimes your Credit Card will not approve you purchase on the Aeroflot site. If you don’t travel overseas much, the algorythms that protect your card may see this Russian compary purchase as fraudulent.

So what do you do? Try your card. If it doesn’t work, call the customer service number on the back of your card. Let them know you are going to Russia and want to purchase a ticker from Aeroflot. They can “releas” your card for Russian purchases. Ask if its an immediate release (it usually is), then you can book with your card.

While you will not need a Credit Card in Russia, you can purchase some things  - some souvenir shops, or at Starbucks :-) - but you may again need to contact your customer service number to let them know you will be overseas. 

As to booking, if the problem persists on the Aeroflot site, go through Expedia, which means you’ll pay Expedia (a recognized American company) and they pay Aeroflot, so your card will work. It costs no more. 

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