1. Click here and to go to the Aeroflot English Language page. 
  (Suggestion: open a second web page and go back and forth between Aeroflot and these instructions)

2. Fill it in with this information:  Washington to Moscow (you can type in IAD to SVO).
    On the dates, remember that Russians use day.month.year.  A pop up calendar will help.
    Hit “Search

3. Hit “Select flight” for the top choice.  15:00 (that’s 3:00 PM) to 7:40 (that's 7:40 AM) - its an overnight flight.
   Make sure the orange date box at the top says 11 Jun.  (Flight numbers is SU 0105)

4. This is very important! Here is where you select Economy Classic at the bottom!   
   Click “Book” under Economy Classic!
   This is the price for March 20 when I did this. Your price may be a little higher. 

5. Click on “Select Flight” for the 10:35 AM - 14:00 (2:00 PM) flight. Again, make sure the date in the orange box is 20 Jun
   The flight number is SU 0104.

6. When the options come up, again “book" Economy Classic.

7. Your summary page will come up, Again, check dates and that you are in Economy Classic
   Then click on “Enter Passengers” at the bottom of the page.

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 11.08.09 AM

8. Passenger Information.  Mine is below. 
   Be sure to click either M (Male) or F (Female) at top left.
   Document details: The “Number” is your passport number and Expiration Date.   
   Click “I have a visa", but don’t fill in information. You'll add that when you get your Visa later.
  " Information on the address of stay” means your home address.
   If you belong to a frequent flyer program on the Skymiles network, put that in and you’ll get miles credit.

9. Contact details and Accepting Term and Conditions.
Don’t panic if an ERROR message comes up before you complete the info below. Did for me.
    Fill in contact info and check “I have read and accept…” at the bottom.
      From here on in (payment, seat selection, etc.) you should be good.
On seat selection, I usually tell teams to try to be on the right side as close to the front as possible so we are basically together, but if you see I seat you like elsewhere, its OK. All the seats get there at the same time. :-).
After selecting your seat you can change it if you and another team member want to sit togegher.

                     ↑ Oops... I didn’t click the “I have read and I accept”, but you must to go on!

Note: When you are done, you will get a six digit code (Usually all capital letters). Record it! This will get you back into your information on the Aeroflot site so you can add your visa information, change you seat, etc.  I will be something like GRWVRG

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