Ticket  through Expedia

1. Click here to go to Expedia. 
 (Suggestion: open a second web page and go back and forth between Aeroflot and these instructions)

2. Fill out the information form as below and hit SEARCH

3. You will see a list of available flights. CLICK THE NONSTOP BOX on the left and its much easier! Only our flight comes up!
Note: The price shown is a little lower than you will pay. Its for Economy Basic, and your will choose Economy Classic. You do that later.
Check the date and times on Aeroflot-Russian Airlines, click SELECT, then SELECT THIS FARE.

4. Select your return flight. Ours should be right at the top. If not, select NONSTROP BOX again.
   Make sure the date and times match below. Then slick SELECT, then SELECT THIS FARE

5. Below is the top part of the page - a summary. Check that all the info is correct.

   THEN… scroll down… THIS IS IMPORTANT… This is where you choose Economy Classic! TO THAT!
   After choosing Economy Classic, click “Continue Booking” at the bottom of the page. 

6. Fill in personal information and pay (all on one page)
   This is the top of the page.
   Notice: You just say your Passport is United States of America. You’ll give your number/expiration date on the Aeroflot site. Also, you have to go to the Aeroflot site to book your seats.

7. Fill in your payment information at the bottom of the page and confirm.

With your receipt (online and an email sent to you) you should get TWO numbers:
    Your Expedia booking number (which you use if you need to contact Expedia)
    Your Aeroflot Confimation Code - this will be a six digit code (Usually all capital letters). Record it! This will get you into your information on the Aeroflot site so you can add your passport information (on Aeroflot just click that you have a visa…you’ll put in information when you get it), choose you seat, etc.  I will be something like GRWVRG.
If you don’t see your Aeroflot Confirmation Number, call Expedia with your Expedia confirmation number and they’ll give it to you.

By the way, the Aeroflot Site is https://www.aeroflot.com/us-en. Click on “Manage Your Booking

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